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Products & Services to Overcome
Communication Challenges at Sea

Maritime fleet owners face significant challenges, from issues pertaining to satellite communication and reception to hostile and threatening environments brought on by pirates, trafficking, inclement weather, accidents, and other unethical and/or unfortunate incidents. Sea View’s suite of products and services were designed to overcome these obstacles and ensure seamless analyses around the clock from in the heart of the sea, integrating with human control room teams, for real-time alerts and secure resolutions.

MS Sea View’s Powerful Combination

AI based CCTV algorithm​

MS Sea View’s complete system powerfully integrates leading maritime security technologies, such as AI-based CCTV cameras to enable analyses to be performed, on premises, whilst at sea 24/7. Our cameras are installed in strategic locations throughout your fleets and facilities, and various sensors, including radar, thermal, visual, and others, are used to detect and process images in the Control Room, and identify potential incidents in need of alerting. Reports are deployed on all sea occurrences in real-time and based on customer requirements, so long as there is reception; in its absence, reports are prepared and sent to a dedicated control room, the moment reception is restored.

End to End Solutions​


Control Room (SOC)

Security Portal



Our Line of Services​


A dedicated tool for advanced cargo acceptance procedure – Fast accurate and efficient process that Combats fake seals or any illegal usage of cargo shipments.

Crew Vetting services

Our experts will analyze and verify your team and candidates using advanced technologies operated by experience professionals. Based on our deep check and findings you will receive a complete report and recommendations.

Divers’ services

Upon arrival at port, our trained professional divers team will perform a thorough underwater Inspection.

Intelligence report & alerts

depending on your needs, we adjust a specific intelligence report and alerts containing the right Instight, to guarantee a focused dashboard specified for your needs.

K9 services

drug sniffing dogs unit.

Yacht Protection

advanced interfacing of the security system of your choice with our own control room.
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