What is MS SeaView?

MS SeaView is a highly innovative and scalable custom technological solution for maritime security. Real-time integration between intelligent CCTV systems, algorithms running visual and thermal sensors, other diverse sensors that meet the client’s needs, and a 24/7 staffed control room that idetntifies and alerts on security events, provides unmatched security whilst at sea. The system’s robust electronics are built to weather the harshest outdoor and reception conditions, and communications are transmitted and analyzed by the algorithm on the ships themselves, reducing overhead and increasing fleet owners’ visibility into their ships’ security, whenever they set sail.

About M.S Security Group

For over three decades, the M.S Security Group has been providing superior security solutions for sea-faring vessels: cruise ships, cargo ships, and other maritime shipment touch points. Headquartered in Cyprus and with teams around the world, M.S Security Group integrates the latest innovations in the field of digital security with an intrinsically human approach, while complying with prevailing standards. In doing so, the company is able to provide access to more comprehensive security with greater efficiency & affordability – for all of its clients, in any and every port.

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Our Vision​

We seek to strengthen maritime security by leveraging the latest, most advanced, dedicated technological tools and our own knowledge, experience, and expertise, to adapt successful land technologies to maritime environments.

Our Control Room​

Located in Cyprus, our control room is staffed around the clock, so as to enable high-level operations at the hands of security technology experts, without pause. In doing so, we are able to provide our clients peace of mind that their assets are secured in every port and across oceans. We guarantee availability, security, and stability, at all times.
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